Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beginning of my Blog World

Today is da day!

Actually I''ve been thinking of starting a blog of my own quite some time. It's just that that the timing is bad and it's also a hassle when I'm using laptop, I mean my dad's laptop, it's his and can't just do anything I want with putting cool wallpaper, download my fav songs, change the settings, etc. Then I thought, just wait when I have my own laptop, then I'll have my own world.


Now it's raining quite heavily. Usually, when it's raining cats and dogs, there'll be downpour at the kitchen.....well, I live in area quite the place....there's lot of rubber trees, bushes, etc. So, monkeys, wild dogs, boars are in the area. But I like the quiet surrounding....far from noises....

Back to the story, the naughty monkeys often play around on the roof, so the tiles became misplace, and the flow of the rain will mess up, thus causing leakage in the kitchen. It's fixed now, so it's alright.