Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rant's for da Nite

Today is quite suck... I have fever and asthma. So, I have to stay at the hostel. It is quite a hassle consider that I would miss a lot of thing in class. At room, while waiting for Ain to wake up I was bored. Ain is my room mate to be when I will be studying in Egypt. The others is Nadia, Aja, Kak Ana and Ummul.

Lots of people thinks that they should consider a lot of things before deciding who would be their room mate or their friends. But to me, I think the most important thing is whether you comfortable with them in the first place and how their sincerity affect you the most.

The thing is, now I am taking preparation classes for furthering my study on medicine in Egypt. It is my father's wish and I'm willing to take on the challenge considering that he is willing to pay the fee for me. So, yeah, bring it on bebeh!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

.izzati.: pelita :)

.izzati.: pelita :)

Rant's for da Nite

Today was a battle!

Who would have thought that getting a driver lisence is so nervewrecking. (>_<)--~
yup....It was tough..... Getting all nervous. Imagine, sitting next to the tester, Polis JPJ, in suit, while I'm trying to focus on the road, I did it though, relieved. Remembering it was just the same when for interviewing and when I have to conduct the morning assembly at my school.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rant's for da Day

Started after the end of my school life, I always wake up late. It's more and more sleep than ever. Then, it started to get really boring, easy going through the day, same routine, so I decided to get a part time job.

Yup, part time job. Then my dad found one for me. A temporary kindergarten teacher! teacher! At first, I just follow my dad to his friend's house. I didn't even ask my dad what the work was about. Simply following him, it was the former landlord's house. My family use to rent this bungalow from the landlord for ten years.

Pn. Zaiton is her name. I forgot her husband name, hehehehe. I just called him tuan rumah. At first, I just tried to get along with Mak Za, the other teacher there. Thank God she is friendly. I had adjust to the work just smoothly. The kids were okay. I'll upload the pics other times. How cute the kids are.

The only thing I jealous of them is how carefree they were and how smooth their skin! Yup, their skin. Now my face have pimples now and then. Not the seriously big pimples, just manage to handle the pimples with today tech I say.

I started going to work at 6.55 am along with my bro and sis. My mom sent them to school while I'm going to work. In the morning, Ezrin will came first. Her mother is a school teacher while her father is a cop. Then Sabrina came. Both their parent work at early hour, so we the teachers also have to come early in the morning.

I'll explain more in my teaching journal.But then, I realise how lonely it was without my friends. Sure, I have more quality time with my family when I'm at home, but it doesn't feel the same, I used to lived at hostel for 5 years. When I'm working it does make me felt warm surrounding by people. Even it is kids, but they do know me as their friends.

It means that I'm used to be with lots of people at a time. Just when I'm by myself in my room, I'm lost what I want to do. I just sleep most of the time. I can't stay put just like that, doing nothing. So, most of the time I'm on the net or watch tv. Well, okay, most of the time, I read manga online. It's just so interesting, manga that is.

Rant's for da Night

I always hoping that today will be a fairy tale, I was a princess, a knight, or even a magician, that would be cool... (>_<)--^ I always wanted to try become a character like that. Venturing in the forest, on the adventure for finding your own strength and experience. Meeting lots of interesting places, like a unique forest like in the movie of Avatar, castles, and having magical moments.....

Hahaha.., of course it will be a dream only, it's nice to have dreams in your life. Kind of motivation and necessity in our life. Just living dull life isn't fun. Life is yours to decide. May it become deep red, drench in black, or rather the colour of rainbow, fill with sparkles and shines brightly.

You see, I want to start this blog, but I'm not good with words. The experience and the moment I felt at the time I want to share it all. But, finding the right words to describe it just takes time. Sometimes, I'm at loss what I'm suppose to write.

But that doesn't gives me up. I'm trying my best to overcome this. Although it takes time, I'll still write it. It is a problem for me though. I might end up just staring in front of my laptop all day. Hey, that might just be in the beginning. Then I'll improve myself, take one step at a time.