Monday, July 12, 2010

Field Trip part 3

We were choosing the blouses, then my dad want to take pic, so we posed.

My lil sis, the one with tudung labuh, hafizah, with God willing, insyaAllah, trying to find new shoes. She is petite, so sometimes, it's better to find her size at the kid's department. Still, she would sulk though, cuz she's the smallest in my family. She is big enough for her age, but not size, like during school assembly, she is always at the front, I mean, really at the front, she's always the first in her line. She hated it though.  

Field Trip!!~~ part 2

  Okay, the day actually start like this, I went to Jusco, Seremban to buy clothes for me when I'm going to Egypt. Blouse, slacks, jacket, blazer, etc. For formal wear of course. Then, I went to see the theater play, and world cup final game after that.

 This is my sis n my mom choosing the shirts.

 This is me trying the blazer.

Field Trip.... part 1

Hohoho...yup, it seems that the world cup has finally end this morning....with Spain as the victorious. It was a rough morning for me considering that i fell asleep several time just to watch the game. I went with my big sis n her friends. Before that I went to see a theater play, "Aladdin dan Pelita Ajaib" also, Aladdin and the magic lamp. It is a comedy play, so it is very amusing to me, although, my sis, well, she used to be a director for this kind of play theater thing, so she kinda know something bout it that she and Tom, her friend, kept criticsizing about the play.

Hahaha, considering that I know nothing I just laugh while sitting at the back of the car. I really love the play, the setting, the props, the costumes, of course, like a fairytale. You know, sometimes I just  jealous at the actors, considering they could pretend to be someone else, even for just a play. Cuz, there just no way that I could get on stage, right?

Of course it looked like the actors were enjoying it. I really like the props, especially when the genie summon the magic carpet, it was hilarious. I couldn't explain it how though, you gotta see it then you understand.

This is the part that Aladdin found the magic lamp.

This is the part that the princess were brought to her father and was accused for something she did, but the facts were twisted.

 This is the part that the villain were using his magic to find out the cure for the princess, evil style.

I like this part. The props were cool. The princess was asleep, bewitched, and Aladdin was caught.