Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting ready for take off~~

Seriously, lots of thing have to be done when preparing to go overseas. What clothes to wear, is it cheap enough, stylish or not, where to buy, how bout the seasons, not to mention essentials, money rate, money transfer, register account bank, how to withdraw when I'm arrived there. Huh, all that hard work of course involves me, my dad, mom and my big sis though. This is where family come in for help.

First, of course, we must learn the place that we wanna go. Either the climate, weather, markets, banks, food availability, bookstores, etc. must be check first either by internet, books, or the people that have went there before. In my case, I have asked my teachers of course, graduated from Egypt.

Ask about the people, the markets, where to buy food, the transports, the language, proper manners cause different region different culture so by knowing the differences might change the perspectives of the local people there of me.

Then, it comes to the seasonal clothes. I live in Malaysia. Tropical region. No four seasons definitely. So, throughout the year I always wear the same kind of get up. Just occasionally when there's wedding ceremony or party then I suppose wear the tradisional clothes will just suffice.

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