Friday, October 15, 2010

Mixed Feelings...

Ok....going overseas might have a lot of problems whether the monologue within myself, you know, self check by questioning from within,asking myself bunch of,
Am i ready to take this responsibilities??
Am i gonna be just fine, able to take care of myself??
How bout my studies, can I make it to the top??
Living overseas, how hard can it be??
Can I manage my money wisely??
But then, i'll be really far away from my family.....
*mixed feelings!!~~*

Unfortunately I get depressed after that and I don't know that is a good thing or not, meaning that I am serious about studying overseas, or am I just being paranoid....

...well everything i guess, just for your information, my family is just like anybody else, normal I could say, not the noble family kind or rich, of course not living like superstar thing-ing, wowowo....ok, stop2, I'm gonna tell about my family this time, I kinda not focusing on what I wanna tell sometimes, if so, I might able to make a novel, right??

The story goes like this, before the day of my departure, there is an event to commemorate Raya, ehem2, of course my day going to egypt, hu3... i was so excited right then counting down the day i'll be going to Egypt~~

The Day of Open House
It was so tiring....attending to up the rubbishes...tidy up the tables..

What bothered me the most is most of my relatives congratulates for the special occasion,
it like came up to me, ooh... This is a big responsibility....i kinda thought about it before,
but like people say, berat mata memandang, berat lagi yang memikulnya...when I'm the one who experienced
it, so...this is what it feels...fuuhh!!!
u can do it!!

Right....moving on, let me ask u something, it is really convenient right to have airport, alamanda, mid valley...etc
Not far from your house, right??
Or u can go there when the public transport is just like a stone away?
Like when u want to smoke, the 7-11 is just at the corner of your neighbourhood?
well, in my case, cause my dad works at KLIA, * proud of my dad~~ he's so cool..hu3..*
In one of important day of my life,
I was left alone....
Right, on the day of my departure *so long Malaysia~~ Here I come Egypt!!*
I was left alone at the airport...(>_<)/

well duh...we have to assemble at the airport at 6.00 pm, the flight is at 1.30 am, within that time, like my mom can do so many things at home..
Like I told u, my home from KLIA is just 20 minutes away!!
Lucky?? Not really...
The conversation with my mom goes like this...
" umah dekat je, abg nanti g la hntr aye dulu, biar die siapkn daftar ape benda sume tu, check in kn beg2, dah siap tu sume baru la dtg,
xde la bazirkn masa, mak pun x pyh l nak tunggu lame2, penat tunggu....." *no comment...* (-_-)|||

While all...i mean..ALL...of my friends are with either their friends or family, I stuck alone at the airport, thank God NAdia, Aja n kak Ana was there, so I just stick with them until my family came later at 10.00 pm.But, the lucky part is, I get to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) just before the flight....fuuhhh... *sedap woo gua ckp sama lu....dah lame x mkn....hu3*

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